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兰州大学110周年校庆化学学科系列学术报告第十场——Vjekoslav Dekaris 博士

日期: 2018-10-11 点击: ...
题目: Publishing in Chem and Cell Press
报告人: Vjekoslav Dekaris博士
时间: 2018年10月15日(星期一)上午 10:00
地点: 第二化学楼101学术报告厅
简介: Vjekoslav Dekaris is Scientific Editor at Chem from Cell Press, responsible for handling organic chemistryand chemical biology manuscripts.

  Cell出版社Chem期刊编辑 Vjekoslav Dekaris 博士来我校进行学术交流并作学术报告,欢迎感兴趣的师生参加。

  报告人 :Vjekoslav Dekaris博士

  报告题目:Publishing in Chem and Cell Press

  报告时间:2018年10月15日(星期一)上午 10:00



  Vjekoslav Dekaris is Scientific Editor at Chem from Cell Press, responsible for handling organic chemistry and chemical biology manuscripts. He earned a PhD degree in organic chemistry at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, in the Reissig Laboratory in 2009, working on the stereoselective syntheses of carbohydrate mimetics. After completing his PhD program, he moved to the United States for postdoctoral studies in chemical biology at the City University of New York in the Bittman Laboratory and Princeton University in the Fiedler Laboratory. He returned to Germany in 2012 to join Elsevier’s Frankfurt office as Database Content Specialist for Reaxys, helping to develop the platform and ensure content quality. In 2016, he joined Cell Press as one of the founding editors of Chem, based in Cambridge, MA, USA.


  Chem is a sister journal to Cell, providing a home for seminal and insightful research and showcasing how fundamental studies in chemistry and its sub-disciplines may help in finding potential solutions to the global challenges of tomorrow. In this presentation, first I will introduce the editorial team and talk about Cell Press in general, Chem’s sister journals Joule and iScience, and Chem’s specific aims and scope. Next, it will be shown how Chem fits in the chemistry publishing landscape and distinguishes itself from competitors. After reflecting on Chem’s progress in the first two years, in particular the crucial role of the support of the Chinese chemistry community for the journal’s excellent development, the presentation will conclude with tips for manuscript preparation/submission and an insight into the editorial decision-making as well as peer-review process at Chem and Cell Press.


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