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物理学院“格致﹒创新”论坛第二十二期——Dr. Chunmei Ban

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  应兰州大学物理学院与萃英学院的邀请,美国可再生能源实验室的Chunmei Ban研究员来我校访问并做客物理学院“格致﹒创新”论坛第二十二期,欢迎广大师生届时参加!

  题目:Design and research of electrochemical energy storage materials


Batteries involve the transfer of cations and electrical current, and the release and storage of electrical charge. Both are based on electrochemical reactions and chemical reactants. Therefore, materials play the major role in determining the energy density, while battery performance relies on the efficient charge/electron transfer at the interface. This presentation will discuss materials design and synthesis to exploit the complicate interphase chemistry at surface of electrochemical materials, elucidate the impact of the structure on the mechanical properties of the electrodes. Unlike the topotactic intercalation of Li into carbonaceous materials, the alloying/dealloying reaction in silicon (Si) -based materials provides extremely high storage capacity but causes much more dramatic, three-dimensional chemical and structural rearrangements on the surface and bulk structure, and results in a fast degradation in cycling performance. Therefore, Si electrodes will be used here as the example to address the challenges in high-capacity electrode materials: maintaining the mechanical integrity without compromising the reversible capacity. This talk will end with a discuss of the synthesis strategies towards developing practical reversible high-energy-density electrochemical materials for next-generation energy storage systems.


Dr. Chunmei Ban has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and Electrochemistry from Tianjin University, China. Then Ph.D research was concentrated on Materials Chemistry at State University of New York at Binghamton, supervised by professor M. Stanly Whittingham. She is currently a Senior Scientist V at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and for the past nine years her research has been focused on the development of materials with desired functionality and exploring chemical and physical properties of materials, manipulating the interface for energy storage systems. Dr. Ban has over fifty publications in peer-reviewed journals with a citation over 1300 times (H-index 18) and was recognized by multiple awards for my inventions in battery materials and energy storage systems. As a principal investigator, she is currently leading several research projects focusing on surface modification and stabilization of electrochemical materials.

          Email: news@lzu.edu.cn