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功能有机分子化学国家重点实验室学术报告——László KÜRTI教授

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  应功能有机分子化学国家重点实验室邀请,美国Rice大学化学系László KÜRTI教授来我校进行学术交流并作学术报告,欢迎感兴趣的师生参加。


  报告人: László KÜRTI 教授
  报告题目: Practical Heteroatom-Transfer Reagents and Reactions
  报告时间: 2018年6月13日(星期三)上午 10:30
  报告地点: 第二化学楼101学术报告厅


Prof. Kürti was born and raised in Hungary. He obtained his Diploma in English and Chemistry from University of Debrecen. Subsequently he received his Master of Science degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia, working with Professor Michael Harmata. In 2001, he began his doctoral studies with Prof. Amos B. Smith III at University of Pennsylvania. While still in graduate school he authored the now popular textbook/reference book “Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis” with Dr. Barbara Czakó. In 2006, he joined the group of Prof. E. J. Corey at Harvard University as a Damon Runyon Cancer Fellow. During his Postdoctoral period, he co-authored the books “Molecules and Medicine” and “Enantioselective Chemical Synthesis: Methods, Logic and Practice” with Prof. E. J. Corey. These books were used in dozens of academic institutions and research laboratories worldwide.

In 2010, Prof. Kürti began his independent career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas. On June 1, 2015 he then joined the faculty at Rice University (Houston, Texas) as an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry. His group focuses on the development of powerful new methods for the expedient enantioselective assembly of highly functionalized biaryls, heterocycles and carbocycles. Thus, the group has been exploring several fundamentally new strategies for the transition-metal-free direct: (i) arylation of arenes; (ii) alpha-arylation of ketones, esters and amides; (iii) O-arylation of oximes; (iv) primary amination of arylboronic acids and (v) inter- and intramolecular C(sp2)H amination of arenes. Prof. Kürti has been the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award, JSPS Fellowship, the 2014 Amgen Young Investigators’ Award as well as the 2015 Biotage Young Principal Investigator Award.

          Email: news@lzu.edu.cn